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Sustainable, Plastic-free Pet Products

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Sustainable, Plastic-free Pet Products

Calling all eco-conscious cat lovers! Say hello to the perfect toy for your furry friend - our natural and eco-friendly wool felt cat pouch.


This multipurpose toy provides endless options for playtime - stuff it with your cat's favourite things and watch them go wild!


Every cat has a unique personality and preference, and this toy lets you customize it to their liking. Is your cat a fan of crinkly sounds? Stuff the pouch with an old plastic bag or crisp package. Do they love catnip? Our teabag catnip sachets are mess-free and sure to please. Or maybe your cat is a sucker for jingling sounds? Add some bells to the mix!

This toy is customizable to your cat's individuality and made from natural, synthetic-free materials that are kind to the planet. Each cat pouch is handcrafted from premium wool felt, ensuring durability and quality.

The little woolly button on the pouch closes securely, ensuring your cat's favourite things stay safe and secure inside.


In addition, its adorable white cat shape adds a touch of cuteness to any playtime routine.

Get ready to give your furry friend the gift of endless entertainment with our eco-conscious and customizable cat pouch. Order now and make it truly theirs!

Eco-friendly Cat Toy | Wool Felted Cat Toy | White

PriceFrom £9.99
Sales Tax Included
  • Weight 31 gram
    Length Approx. 15cm
    Width 7.5cm

    Due to being handmade, the little cats are all individuals and can vary minimally in length and weight.

    Never leave your little kitty unattended with toys; always check for wear and tear.

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