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Eco-friendly pet products


  • Am I a good boy/girl?
    Of course, you are and always will be!
  • How can I pay rent to my hooman?
    You pay with hugs, kisses and unconditional love :)
  • I like you. How can I say "hello"?
    Please don't sniff our butts :) But you can always contact us via Facebook messenger, chat or via email at If you're wearing our eco-friendly products, please tag us on Instagram. We love to see you saving the planet! Insta-handle: @hoomans_friend
  • I did a big stretch but my hooman didn't see it to say "ohh big stretch". What can I do better next time?
    Don't worry. Your hooman still loves you, but the silly hooman has only a field of vision of 180 degrees. On average, you have 250 degrees. It's not their fault. But remember to always stretch right in front of them or on them. This way, you will always be successful in receiving an "ohh big stretch" comment. If you don't, please contact us immediately so we can call PETA on your behalf!
  • I don't like plastic in my shipping box. Can I have it without as I want to eat it and rip it to shreds?
    Good news for you! There is no plastic in our shipping box, so you can help your favourite hooman by ripping it into small pieces for easier recycling.
  • I'm a veryyyy big boy/girl. Will your buckle be able to hold me when I spot that pesky squirrel again?
    That depends! How strong are you? Usually, dogs can pull three times their weight on average. Silver big: Pull weight of 700kg Silver small: 200kg Rose Gold: 200kg Black metal: 200kg Plastic: 1000kg
  • My hooman doesn't let me bring my precious sticks home. It's a disaster! What can I chew instead?
    Hoomans are weird like that. You're leaving your fur glitter everywhere anyway, so what's the problem with a few sticks? We don't know, but we might be able to help! You're going to love our natural rope dog toy! It will take you hours to rip the rope to bits. It has a natural and earthy smell just the way you like it. Much better than the skirting board in your hoomans house! We have it in four sizes and look at the 5 benefits! ◙ plastic-free ◙ toxic-free ◙ mould resistant ◙ smell resistant ◙ biodegradable Expert tip: ( don't tell the hooman!): If you dig a hole in your hoomans garden, you can hide it there, and it will disappear after a few weeks! MAGIC! Choose yours now! :)
  • I was walking in the park minding my own business and suddenly I was covered in mud. How can I clean my gear before hooman finds out?
    You are a fortunate dog! Because you're wearing plant-based items, they can be cleaned easily! The best thing is that it will get even softer after you wash it and be even comfier. Not like the pesky plastic! We recommend a gentle hand wash with warm water and soap. All pieces with silver metal can also be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. (if your paws can push the right buttons!) We recommend a hand wash for the rose-gold and black metal as these are sprayed. Line dry after washing. Voila. Your hooman will never find out. Muahahaha. (Make sure you nail your innocent face look)
  • There are so many smells outside that I want to sniff and run to but also many cars. I just don't trust myself around them sometimes. How can my hooman keep me safe in these areas?
    We recommend having your hooman look into our dog traffic leads! They have a handy grab loop, to hold you quickly in an emergency situation in busy areas. That should help! You can also choose a colour. Natural Black Pink
  • What does hoomans mean?
    Hoomans [ hoo-muhns ] Meaning of the word "hoomans" Noun / Informal / Humorous / Internet-slang Hooman or Hoomans is a made-up internet word referring to humans who own a cat or a dog. It is often used in memes spoken from the viewpoint of a cat or a dog. Hooman's Friend refers to all animals in the world. They see humans as their friends in the first place. In return, we should see them as our friends, and protect them and the environment so the whole planet can thrive.
  • How long do I have to wait for my order to arrive?
    We ship either the same day or the next business day. We use Yodel as a carrier and their delivery time is 3-5 working days. Deliveries into Northern Ireland take 5-7 working days as we ship from the UK mainland. Please note we can only send goods up to a value of £135.00 into Northern Ireland. So if you order above that amount, please place two separate orders.
  • My order is damaged or hasn't arrived. What do I do?
    We are sorry to hear that! We will refund all damaged deliveries if you have let us know within 7 days of receiving the order. If your order hasn't arrived, please contact us via email or chat. Our email address is . We will then either refund your order or send you a replacement item.
  • How do I arrange a refund?
    You can send your item back to us within 30 days of purchasing it. Please note you have to pay for postage as we don't offer free refunds at this stage. The item needs to be unused and with the tag attached. After we receive it, we will refund you straight away with the same payment method. It depends on your card provider when the funds will arrive in your account. To return an item, please contact us via chat, Facebook messenger or email at
  • What do I do if a product is out of stock?
    Sometimes, we can customise a product to your liking by changing the colour of the metal parts or clasps. If you are after a particular colour, please feel free to contact us, and we can see what we can do. You can contact us via chat, Facebook messenger or email at An out-of-stock product will usually be re-stocked within 3 weeks. We do have limited editions, which will be described as such. However, these will not be re-stocked, so you'd need to be quick!
  • How can I recycle your products?
    There are three ways to recycle or re-purpose our products: Send them back to us and we will take care of everything. You will receive a 20% off voucher for your next order. Please contact us via Facebook messenger, chat or at Recycle them yourself! The toys are biodegradable. You can either bury them in your garden or throw them into your compost bin. For leads and collars: Cut the metal parts off the lead and collars. The metal can be recycled at council tips. Clothing and textiles can be recycled at some out-of-home recycling points. Check your closest here: Donate used leads and collars to dog rescue shelters if they're in a good state! Just give them a wash in the washing mashine or with soap and lukewarm water.
  • How sustainable is your packaging?
    Very! All parts are either biodegradable, recyclable or made from recycled material. There will be no plastic in your delivery. Shipping box: 67% recycled content and recyclable (UK sourced) Tape: Goodbye plastic. 100% recycled FSC, water-activated, Soy-based ink Tissue paper: FSC certified, Acid-free paper, Soy-based inks, recyclable Thank you cards: 100% recycled content, compostable and recyclable as completely paper based. No silicone and plastic coating that usual cards have Shipping label: Compostable and made from FSC recycled 100% content. Non-toxic adhesive.
  • Do you have animal-cruelty-free and vegan leads and collars?
    All our leads and collars are made from plant-based material and are therefore bunny-approved and vegan.
  • Can I wash your leads and collars?
    Hemp is very durable as a material and easy to clean. It will get softer with every use as opposed to nylon. We recommend a gentle hand wash with warm water and soap All pieces with silver metal can be also washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. We recommend hand wash for the rose-gold and black metal as these are sprayed. Line dry after washing.
  • What do you do to help the environment?
    Besides having plant-based and biodegradable products, we have plastic-free packaging, and we partnered up with Ecologi to plant more trees. You can watch our forest grow here. Please also read our sustainability framework here. We are also part of the UK government's initiative for small- and medium-sized businesses to reduce and measure our carbon footprint. We are working on a project to measure our carbon footprint effectively throughout our supply chain.
  • Why do some of your products have plastic components?
    Some of our products have plastic buckles for safety, weight, or durability. We know plastic isn't fantastic, but sometimes it is still the most efficient material compared to metal. Our collar/lead fabric will never have plastic in them. We will not sell polyester or nylon that are not biodegradable. All our fibres will be plant-based. However, we sometimes can't say "no" to plastic components for the reasons below. Safety Our patent pending YYK plastic buckles can hold a weight of 700kg. If you have a giant-sized dog that pulls like a freight train, we recommend always using our plastic clips. Our metal buckles can hold 200kg, which is safe for small- and medium-sized dogs. Metal will not be able to hold a giant pulling dog. Although, in all our tests, none of the metal buckles broke. Ever. Weight Metal is too heavy for toy and very small dogs. Instead, we recommend a plastic buckle to not strain your dog's neck. Durability Our plastic buckles are very durable. Its life cycle will be longer than metal. The longer you can use a product, the better its overall carbon footprint. We consider plastic, in this case, a necessary evil. But we will also make sure that all our collars get appropriately recycled. Please check out our recycling question to find out how to recycle your plastic collar with yourself or us! If the plastic remains in circulation, it doesn't end up in the ocean or landfill.
  • Why do you have no eco-friendly cat products?
    Dear cats, we are working hard to open our collection of eco-friendly cat products. Stay tuned!
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