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Sustainable, Plastic-free Pet Products

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Sustainable, Plastic-free Pet Products

Introducing the perfect harness for dog owners who want their dog to stay comfortable, safe and stylish on their outdoor adventures.


  • Our lightweight, breathable and eco-friendly functional step-in harness is designed with your pup's comfort in mind, especially in the heat.


  • Crafted with high-quality, organic hemp material, our harness is naturally mould-resistant and antibacterial, making it an ideal choice for summer walks.


  • The fully adjustable straps at the neck and chest girth offer complete flexibility, ensuring a customised and perfect fit for your pup.


  • The patented plastic buckle provides maximum security and peace of mind while you enjoy a worry-free walk with your four-legged friend.


  • In addition, the handy grab loop lets you get hold of your dog safely in an emergency, adding to the safety features of our harness.


  • But that's not all! Our harness is easy to use, with a unique design that doesn't go over your pup's head, reducing the stress level some wiggly dogs and puppies experience. You can get ready for walkies in no time!


  • Plus, it's naturally breathable, keeping your pup itch-free, cosy and cool during hot weather. 

So why wait? Our functional, eco-friendly hemp harness gives your pup comfort and style. So start your walks without stress while advocating for sustainability.

Easy On Dog Harness | Hemp Harness | Eco friendly |

PriceFrom £10.50
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    • Handmade with love by a small UK business, our adjustable hemp harness is the perfect eco-friendly solution for your furry friend.
    • Our hemp is sustainably grown in the EU, making it organic and guilt-free for environmentally conscious pet owners.
    • The brand label is made from recycled PET, supporting a circular economy and reducing waste.
    • The step-in design makes it easy to use, even for wiggly doggos or piggies.
    • Explore our full range of eco-friendly pet products and make the switch to sustainable living today!

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