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Sustainable, Plastic-free Pet Products

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Sustainable, Plastic-free Pet Products

Each pink dog lead has a unique pink splashy pattern. It is also traffic lead to help navigate your dog safely through populated areas. If you've been looking for eco-friendliness and functionality, read on!


◙ Hemp is lightweight and breathable and will lie naturally and sweat-free in your hand: Gone are the days of sweaty hands. How uplifting will your walk be?


◙ Elevate your walk to a new safety standard in urban areas with heavy traffic: Improved control to protect your dog


◙ Handy grab loop to react quickly in an emergency situation for your peace of mind.


◙ A short and strong lead that guarantees a tangle free experience with high-quality silver metal work for increased security


◙ The pink lead has been dyed with GOTS (= Global Organic Textile Standard) certified colouring making it non-toxic and biodegradable


◙ Perfect length to use as a dog training lead for puppies, young dogs, jumpers and pullers


◙ Unique and one of a kind design as every lead is splashed randomly


Make your girl dog stand out from the crowd with this timeless and eco-friendly dog lead.


Non-toxic formula, waterproof and a low carbon paw print. Because less plastic and more plants os better!

Hemp Dog Traffic Lead | Plastic-free Lead | Pink

SKU: 5065012912050
£22.99 Regular Price
£11.50Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
    • Handmade with care and attention to detail
    • Dispatched from a small UK business, supporting local entrepreneurship
    • Hemp material grown in the EU, reducing carbon footprint
    • Organic and guilt-free, making it an environmentally conscious choice
    • Brand label made from recycled PET, supporting a circular economy
    • Plastic-free, reducing plastic waste in the environment
    • Non-toxic coloring, ensuring your pet's safety and well-being
    • One of a range of eco-friendly pet products by Hooman's Friend, making it easy to choose sustainable options for your furry friend.

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