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It all starts with my first pet, Jack the boxer. I was 7 or 8 years old when he came into my life in the late 90s as a little puppy. He became my best friend who knew all my secrets, who ate my food under the table that I didn't like and who played Simba whilst I was Nala from The Lion King. He only lived for 8 years and the day he died it broke my heart. It's still vividly burnt into my memory. He suffered from a heart condition and several skin cancers that needed operations throughout his life.

As I got older, I learnt more about the environment, sustainability and how we are hurting ourselves by hurting Mother Earth. My thoughts went back to Jack and I felt one feeling: Guilt. Could we have given him a higher quality life? Better food? Less absorbed micro plastics through toys and accessories?

Image by Anita Peeples

Now, what does this have to do with the creation of Hooman's Friend?

Jack is not only on our logo but also the driving force behind our mission. We are building a brand to protect pets from all the nasties that we're exposed to today. No plastics, no chemicals and only products that are sustainable and good for the environment, humans and pets alike. As they can't chose for themselves, we need to make the right choices for them, for a long and healthy life with your best friend. 

In my heart I believe Jack would have had a couple of more years in him with the right nutrition, the right toys without nasty chemicals and in general products of natural ingredients. But Hooman's Friend is not only for Jack. It's for every pet out there with or without owners. We are here to raise awareness for new innovative and sustainable materials, promote a circular economy and be absolutely transparent on where our products are coming from. In the end our awareness and our conscious choices can contribute saving pets, plants and the planet.


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