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Sustainable, Plastic-free Pet Products

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Sustainable, Plastic-free Pet Products

Introducing our limited edition naturally-dyed Martingale Dog Collar, handcrafted with your dog's health and the environment in mind.


Here are some reasons why this collar is perfect for eco-conscious buyers:


  • We used a natural dye made from water, vinegar, nails, and acorns to achieve a beautiful black colour for the collar. No toxic chemicals will contact your dog's skin; even the leftover dye water was repurposed to water blueberries!


  • The hemp fabric of the collar is soft, breathable, and lightweight, making it perfect for hot summer days and comfortable for your dog to wear. Plus, it will adjust to your dog's unique shape over time, offering maximum mobility and comfort.


  • This fully adjustable collar has no holes that can restrict your dog's movements, allowing you to decide how you want your dog to wear it.


  • Made from organic hemp, this collar is eco-friendly and free from petroleum-based synthetics or plastics. You can feel good knowing you are choosing a natural and sustainable product for your furry friend.


  • This vegan Martingale collar also embodies style and functionality, featuring black, silver, or rose gold-coloured metalwork to match your dog's personality and your taste.


Celebrate your love for your dog and the planet by choosing our eco-friendly Martingale Dog Collar. Limited quantities are available, so order now before they're all gone!

Black Martingale Collar | Eco Dog Collar | Hemp | Hand dyed

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