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Complete Dog Breed Size Chart

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How to measure dog height

Dog height is measured from floor to the withers. The withers are the highest point between shoulder blades and the base of their neck. Measure from the floor starting at the front legs.

Doh height at withers

Easiest way to measure your dog

Dogs can be wiggly.
Expert tip: Take a carpenter's level or ruler and place it across the dogs withers. Then direct them towards a wall. Make a mark with a pencil and then measure the point with a tape. Easy peasy.

Above is based on average sizes and weights. Your dog might be heavier or taller than the average so always measure and weigh your dog. In general, the larger your dog, the higher his carbon paw print will be. An average dog (15kg-20kg) emits 770kg of CO2 a year.
That is the same emission as a medium-sized car.