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6 signs your dog truly loves you and not just your food

Like humans, dogs have feelings, likes and dislikes, personalities and preferences. Your furry friend can't talk but can show their love through their behaviour and body language. So many dog owners are asking themselves if our dogs really love us or if they are scamming us for all the treats?

A dog and his human best friend
A dog is a humans best friend

The short answer is yes. Dogs love us and have unique ways of showing it!

As a caring dog owner, you should be able to assess their feelings and interpret their body language. Dogs aren't shy when it comes to displaying love and happy feelings.

Here are 6 tell-tale signs that your dog truly loves you.

1. A high and waggy tail

You can learn a lot about your furry friend's emotions from their tail. For example, if your dog is wagging his tail back and forth or circular motion, they're generally happy. Likewise, your dog loves you if they wag their tail upon seeing you, being near you or are enjoying the cuddling or petting.

2. They lean into you

When your dog loves you, they like your company and enjoy making body contact! Your dog tries to stay close and even lean into your hand. Leaning on you shows that you have their trust. Likewise, your dogs might lean against your leg or body because they like being close to you. These moments are truly precious for both the dog and its owner.

3. They are excited to see you

If you get a special greeting every time you come home, that's some real-deal dog love. An enthusiastic welcome is a demonstration of love. Happy dogs greet you as soon as you come home. They even become excited when you get up in the morning or take them for a walk. This is one of the best things and makes their day every time.

4. They are playful

A happy dog will enjoy play sessions, walks and other activities with their companions. They love to play and leap around. They will communicate this by going into a play bow. When your dog's rear is in the air and chest, and front legs are lowered to the ground. Play bows are an obvious sign that your dog is cheerful. You can encourage their playful behaviour by offering them some tasty and healthy dog treats.

5. They're gifting you their favourite toy

You have been chosen! Some dogs will show affection for you by bringing you their favourite toy. When your dog offers you their favourite toy, it's a gesture of true love. As your pup's true love, he presents his most precious and most beloved possession to you. Sounds like true love to me.

Why dogs love their toys
A dog and his most precious possession: His toy

6. They want to sleep near you

As dogs descended from wolves, they slept in packs next to each other for security. So if your furry friend snuggles beside you for a little sleepy, they feel safe and trust you.

Final thoughts

There has been even scientific research about how much dogs love their owners. Researchers conducted magnetic image resonance tests (MRI) to examine dogs' brain activity when confronted with different smells. They were more excited about their favourite hoomans scent than any other smell, including food.

The bottom line? Our furry companions love us unconditionally. They express it in unique ways at times. If you are a dog lover, you already know dogs bring so much pleasure and happiness into our lives.

Dogs are like small kids and depend on us for everything. So if you want your fur friends to thrive, you need to learn and understand ways to keep them happy and healthy.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions. We would be happy to hear from you!


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