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4 Hemp Dog Toys for your Dog's Health in 2023

If you've been looking for Hemp Dog Toys as a natural alternative to your current plastic and synthetic rubber toys, you've come to the right place. We all want what's best for our dogs, and when it comes to protecting them from industrial nasties, hemp is your best bet. So let's dive deeper into dog toys made from 100% natural hemp fibre and discover all the benefits for dogs and the planet.

Hemp dog toys
Dogs should never play unattended and toys should be safely stored away when you're out of the house

What is hemp?

Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis Sativa plant species grown explicitly for industrial use. The concentration of THC is less than the regulated maximum level, which is currently up to around 0.2% in the EU. They also have a higher level of CBD which prevents psychoactive use. It should not be mixed with cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, with a THC content of up to 20%.

In other words, this plant will not give you a "high". But it can get you "high" on the feeling that you're saving the planet by relying more on it and buying more consciously!

Why choose hemp for your dog rope toys?

Hemp is one of the oldest plants known to humanity. It has been used as a fibre source since ancient times and is believed to have come from China. Today, hemp is grown worldwide to make clothing, paper, food, fuel, building materials, and more. In addition, it is deemed a zero-waste plant, as all of the parts can be used for something.

Hemp dog toys
Hemp dog toys can release boredom

We all know how fast dogs can rip their toys to shreds. So we would never claim that your dog wouldn't shred the dog rope toy. But this hemp dog toy is made from 100% natural fibres and is entirely biodegradable. The rests can be buried in your garden, and they will biodegrade into the soil. A win for the planet.

There are little to no nasties in the toy. Hemp is a fast-growing plant and doesn't require much water. Harvesting can be completed after 120 days. In addition, fast-growing plants take less maintenance, use fewer fertilizers and can be turned around faster, primarily if used as a rotational crop. Finally, fewer pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in the plant make it super safe for your pup.

The hemp toy can either be used as a chew dog toy or as an interactive toy for Tug of war. Remember to set the rules for the Tug of war game and see it as a learning experience for both of you. Interactive games require your presence and are vital for your dog's development. In addition, it will help with socialization and set boundaries for appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

4 Different Hemp dog toys

We offer four different kinds of hemp dog toys. They can be used as chew toys and rope toys for Tug of war, and they're all made from 100% hemp fibre.

Here are the benefits of hemp dog toys:

◙ A tooth-friendly toy that will pass the fingernail test and relieve puppy teething pain, and strengthen gums: Don't fear for your furniture

◙ The natural, earthy smell of grass and nature will attract your pup and keep them away from your human possessions.

◙ A plastic-free dog toy that is biodegradable, good for the planet and your best friend. Don't feel "plastic guilt."

◙ Tug of war rope toy, fetch outside or leave your dog to chew around on it while you're working from home: Make it yours and your dogs!

How many toys should a dog have?

There is no definitive answer to that question, but as a rule of thumb, puppies should have more toys than grown-up adult dogs.

A puppy is in a learning stage, and playing with toys helps them to explore the world. A puppy should probably have around 10-15 toys. Grown-up dogs should have 5-10 toys.

Rotating toys out to provide variety but keeping them out of reach when you're not home is a good idea. Dog toys can be destroyed quite quickly and become a hazard. Adult dogs and puppies should always play under the supervision of their owner.

Many behavioural issues result from boredom and excess energy. For example, diverting the energy into a toy instead the skirting boards or furniture will keep your pup and your home safe.

The hemp dog toy combines a chew toy and an interactive toy in one and is a fantastic addition to any toy collection.

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Health Disclaimer: The information provided through this website should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If your dog may have a health problem, you should consult your vet.


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