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Turkish Kangal Temperament: A proud guarding angel of ancient lineage

With their proud demeanour and notable history, the Turkish Kangal is a breed that intrigues people. The dogs are known for their calm temperament and often serve as loyal livestock protectors.

But what is it like to own one of these dogs? And how does their personality differ from other breeds of dogs? First, we'll look at the temperament of the Kangal, their history and if this dog is the right dog breed for you. This blog will give you some ideas and inspiration, so let's dive right in.

Turkish Kangal Temperament
A black mask must be present for the dog to be recognised as a Kangal. Otherwise, it might be an Anatolian Shepherd.

History of the Turkish Kangal Dog

This extraordinary breed originated in Turkey, in the Kangal province. In their native country, they're known as "Karabash", meaning "black head" in Turkish. Three standard breed colours are accepted by the British Kennel Club: Cream, dun, and fawn. Therefore, the Kangal must always have a black mask.

This dog was bred as a herder and guardian of sheep flocks. They were born to live with shepherds and livestock and scare away or kill marauding wolves and other predators. Their size is probably already doing half the job, as a male dog can stand up to 80cm at the withers. There are bigger Kangals, but they were less suitable for the job of a sheep herder.

The nomadic life made the Kangal hardy and agile as they had to live outdoors and travel great distances in hot summers and sub-zero winters. This led to an exquisite and fast breed. The Kangal has sighthound influence which contributed to their agility. Being bred to survive in rural areas and vast surroundings, they're perfectly adapted to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Certain molosser breeds with strong guarding instincts have been chosen to perfect this dog over centuries and make the Kangals what they are today.

Turkish Kangal registrations UK 2023

The Turkish Kangal is very rare in the UK. Only rarely does a litter gets registered. Twelve registration were completed in the first two quarters of 2022, the end number going into 2023. Your only chance to encounter one of these dogs will be at Crufts. There are quite a few of Kangal mixes out there, portraying the great guarding instincts of this proud dog.

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