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Why the Rope Dog Toy Is So Great for Your Dog

Rope toys for dogs are great for keeping your pet occupied when playing in the yard or indoors and while working from home. These toys are helpful for training purposes and strengthening your canine's bond.

Maybe you have stopped playing tug of war as you've heard mistakenly that it promotes aggression or dominant behaviour. This has been refuted by scientific studies. The way you play is essential.

But rope dog toys are not only for tug of war. Let's look at natural rope dog toys to explore the benefits of this versatile toy in more detail.

Dog chew toys
Dog toys are required to stimulate your dog's mentally and physically

Strengthen the relationship with your dog

Our rope dog toys are designed to provide your dog with hours of fun and exercise. These toys are also ideal for training as they are easy to control and offer various games.


Take the rope toy outside to fetch. Our rope toys come in 4 sizes, so any dog can carry them. The bigger ones are designed to be heavier and suitable for giant-sized dogs. They will tire out your dog on walks so you can work from home in peace for a few hours. But if you want to give your little Affenpinscher our most giant toy: Go for it!

Chew toy

The rope dog toys have a natural and earthy smell, and dogs go wild for natural scents. They love to chew on it, trying to open the knots and pulling out the yarn. This means a few hours of peace and quiet while your dog tries to untie the toy into little pieces. The best thing is you don't have to worry about any toxic ingredients or azo-dyes in our rope dog toys. You will not need to ask yourself, "Is this toy toxic?" because it is 100% natural organic hemp.

Unlike nylabones or antlers, our rope toys quickly pass the fingernail test and will protect and clean your dog's teeth.

Dogs playing with a dog rope toy
Hemp rope toys have naturally antibacterial traits and are resistant to mould and mildew

Tug of war

Speak to any qualified trainer, and they will tell you that a well-managed game of tug of war is beneficial to your canine and your relationship with them. In addition, many scientific studies confirm that dominant behaviour or aggressiveness is not heightened by the game if played correctly.

Some of our rope toys are so heavy that your dog can burn additional calories and be physically and mentally stimulated. A tuggy game promotes impulse control when your dog is excited and builds confidence. A confident dog is less likely to be bored or suffer separation anxiety. This means your skirting board and furniture will be safe.

Impulse control is crucial for dog development, and tug is an excellent way of practising it. Dropping something when they're excited is an essential skill in everyday life.

We recommend keeping the tuggy sessions short (30 secs) and always putting the toy away when not needed. Never chase the dog for the toy. Instead, they will learn that the play session has ended and can only re-start when they return the toy to you.

Tug of war is great for energetic dogs like Affenpinscher, Boxer, Labradors, German Shepherds, Collies, Terrier breeds, and bully breeds. However, some other breeds are more motivated by different rewards.

It's mould resistant and antibacterial.

Made with 100% natural hemp, our rope dog toys are safe for humans and pets. Hemp is naturally antibacterial and is mould resistant for smelly-free play or chewing.

It's plastic-free

Don't we have enough plastic in the world already? Our rope dog toys contain no plastic and will be delivered plastic-free to you.

It's safe and not toxic.

We use only natural materials such as cotton or hemp in our toys. They are safe for dogs and humans while not shedding microplastics into the environment. Our rope dog toys are organic and made in the EU, so you don't have to worry about nasty colouring or factory byproducts.

It's biodegradable

Dogs go through so many toys that we sometimes feel guilty as owners when putting them into the bin. Unfortunately, the toy will usually end up in landfills and microplastic in our oceans.

Our rope dog toys are biodegradable. If destroyed, just throw it in the compost bin or bury it in your garden. Our natural plant-based hemp will usually biodegrade in 6 weeks without leaving a trace behind.

4 sizes

Rope dog toys in 4 sizes for any dog!

Rope Dog Toy

Dog size



Small 2 knots

Toy to small



Small 3 knots

Toy to Large



Large 2 knots

Medium to Giant



Large 3 knots

Medium to Giant



It's Fun!

Seeing your dog chewing happily on their toy just makes you feel warm in your tummy. In addition, if you have found your perfect tug of war game strategy, it is super rewarding seeing how your dog learns and grows a relationship with you.

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Health Disclaimer: The information provided through this website should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If your dog may have a health problem, you should consult your vet.


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