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Our range of eco-friendly hemp collars and leads are best for your pet and the environment

Here we inform you why natural dog products and rope dog toys from hemp are the way forward.

Many pet parents innocently buy nylon or polyester collars and leads because they are what’s available in pet stores. However, some better stores will also stock cotton or polycotton options to offer increased comfort. Fortunately, we bring our exciting hemp range to the market for pet parents requiring eco-friendly pet products and sustainable dog accessories.

Why hemp for natural dog products and rope dog toys

When we were looking for a raw material that was sustainable, non-toxic and tough, hemp quickly became the best choice. Hemp has a very long history of using things like ropes, sails and even clothing. It's a great modern option when sustainability, comfort and durability are required.

Hemp is a naturally pest resistant, densely growing plant that does not require fertilisers, pesticides or any nasty chemicals; it also returns 60-70% of nutrients to the soil. As a result, hemp's water requirement is three times less than cotton, and the yield is frequently 200% more than cotton.

Hemp is a durable natural fibre that is lightweight, looks similar to linen and is ten times stronger than cotton. As a result, hemp has the perfect properties for keeping cool when it's hot and warm when the weather is cold. The material is made by the fibres being separated and spun to create thread before being woven into fabric. The process is entirely organic, and the material is breathable, hypoallergenic, and long lasting. Furthermore, when you have finished with it, hemp is altogether biodegradable and, in its purest form, decomposes within 2-4 weeks.

Choosing a new collar –eco-friendly dog collars

When choosing a new collar for a much-loved dog, you will consider these options:

· Quality

· comfort

· Safety

· durability

· Appearance

Let's start by looking at some of the other materials you could choose for your dog's next collar:

Choices are frequently restricted to nylon, polyester and non-organic cotton. However, some shops also offer polycotton.


The main advantage of nylon is that it is solid. However, the downside is that nylon leads and collars fray over time, which may cause skin irritation and damage your dog's hair. In addition, when nylon collars begin to fray and fade, they soon look tatty.

Nylon is totally manmade from polyamides, a plastic derived from crude oil using an intensive chemical process. As a result, nylon is not biodegradable and is not compostable.


What we know as polyester is another man made material made from PET plastic that has undergone a long and arduous manufacturing process. Scientists create PET from a chemical reaction between terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, which are petrol-chemical derivatives. Polyester is not recyclable and not biodegradable. The material can slough off into the air, and polyester is known to damage waterways.

When used for leads, you will notice that your hand holding the lead becomes sweaty and uncomfortable. Likewise, if your dog pulls, the lead will dig in and become uncomfortable or even painful to bear. It is, therefore, a fair assumption that the collar is not comfortable for your dog during hot weather.


Collars made from cotton material or cotton webbing are likely to be more comfortable in the short term during dry weather. However, cotton holds water and will stay wet longer against your dog's neck. There are also durability issues surrounding cotton when used for collars and leads. Dry cotton is a much more comfortable option for your dog and when using a lead, but it may be uncomfortable when it stays wet after swimming or a walk in the rain.

The growing process of cotton is intensive, and we are increasingly aware of its damage to the environment. Cotton is grown from GMO seeds and leaches the soil of nutrients. As a result, the ground used to produce commercial cotton is so depleted that it cannot grow other crops.

Cotton suffers from a variety of pests that have to be eradicated. These pests are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides leading to growers increasingly using more potent chemical pesticides. Cotton also requires a lot of water throughout the growing process. Then during manufacturing, cotton is usually subjected to further chemical treatments and bleaching.

By comparison, organic cotton is more sustainable due to pest management by introducing predators and regular crop rotation.


Polycotton is frequently a compromise for clothing and pet products because it is more robust than cotton and less sticky and uncomfortable than polyester. In addition, you are less likely to have abrasions on your hands from a polycotton lead.

The advantage of polycotton over cotton or polyester is that it is cooler and softer than polyester and dries faster than 100% cotton.


Hemp is a tough, durable choice for sustainable dog collars. Hemp is lightweight, comfortable, safe, attractive and long lasting. Quality hemp products are built to last, but the great thing is when they finally need replacing, they are 100% biodegradable too.

Hemp is free of toxins and chemicals that could harm your pet and the environment making it an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. As you would expect, our hemp range is high quality and free from artificial dyes and bleaches. It is, of course, mostly grown herbicide, pesticide and fungicide free.

Choose our hemp range of natural dog products.

When you want sustainable dog collars, leads and accessories and eco-friendly pet toys, you want products that are well made, high quality and perfect for the purpose. Hemp is such a fantastic sustainable raw material, and our products are all made with care to our discerning standards.

Our natural dog products are made from biodegradable, vegan, and certified organic materials. We constantly strive to source the best materials from the best growers and sellers.

We specialise in planet friendly pet toys, sustainable dog collars and products that are the best for your pets and the environment. We will never try and sell you anything made from virgin plastics, nasty chemicals or animal products.

We shudder at the thought of people innocently buying cheap plastic pet toys. But unfortunately, they are often from China, frequently chemical-based and chemically treated that may be harmful to the pets they are bought to please.

To round up

Nylon and polyester are derived from petrol chemicals, are not biodegradable, and are harmful to waterways.

Cotton uses three times water and produces up to 200% less material than hemp. In addition, non-organic cotton is treated with chemicals throughout its life and during the manufacturing process.

Polycotton is often a compromise, but products made with this material are still subject to chemical treatments, chemically derived and not biodegradable. Therefore, hemp is the only choice when buying sustainable dog collars.

Material comparison table: Hemp versus Nylom, Polyester, Cotton and Polycotton
Hemp material ticks more boxes in terms of its sustainability than synthetic materials

Hemp is a natural product, naturally produced and a perfect choice for the discerning pet parent. That’s why we believe that hemp should be your first choice for eco friendly pet products.


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