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Boxer Dog Temperament: Clownish attributes and a child at heart

Boxers are known for their unique temperament, intelligence and high energy. They are very social dogs that require plenty of attention and exercise to be well-behaved and well-rounded canines. As a result, they often rank as the best family dogs.

Suppose you're considering adopting or buying a boxer pup. In that case, this article will give you an overview of the Boxer's temperament, what you can expect when living with one, and whether the dog would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

Fawn Boxer
Boxers stay young at heart for a very long time

Boxer Dog History

Boxers are believed to be bred from the English Bulldog, Old German Mastiff and potentially some Great Dane. Their first ancestors can be traced back to 2300 BC. Back then, they were used as war dogs. Considering this quite ferocious history, the Boxers today are surprisingly soft.

The breed took shape initially in Germany. They were known as "Bullenbeisser" and had significant Mastiff influence. For this reason, they were perfectly built to bait bulls and control cattle. Hunting wild boars and bears were no problem for the Boxer.

Soon after, the Boxer became very popular with the nobility. They were crossed with smaller breeds to make them more elegant and smaller for that purpose. Many houses used them as guards and watchdogs or to drive cattle. Boxers became the working dog increasingly that we know today.

During the 1st World War, Boxers were used as messenger dogs and to carry injured soldiers to safety. In 1935, Boxers were also approved as police dogs. Their history is so versatile that there is almost no job that the Boxer hasn't done at some point.

The name "Boxer" came from their affinity for standing on two legs and using their front paws to play or bring a bull down. They resembled a Boxer in the ring. To this day, Boxers use their front paws more often than other canines.

In 1904 the first breed standard was introduced in a Boxer stud book. Before that, the first Boxer Club was established in Munich. Every Boxer lineage can be traced back to the first Munich Boxers who have been crossed with the imported English Bulldog. It is believed that the Bulldogs introduced the white colour into their genes.

Boxer dog temperament
Boxer grooming will not take much time

They have a square build, a short muzzle, and a wrinkled forehead. Boxers are also a few breeds that come in both fawn and brindle coats. Their mask is usually black, but they often show white markings. Sometimes on paws, chest and neck.

Boxers usually weigh between 55 and 70 pounds, with females being on the smaller side and males tending to be a bit larger. Therefore, they would be classified as medium to large dogs. Boxers need to be groomed about once a week to keep their coat looking good and free from mats. All in all, the grooming is less demanding. If you want to reduce shedding, brush them 2-3 times a week.

According to the AKC, in 2021, the Boxer ranked as the 14th most popular dog in America.

Boxers are popular family pets because of their good-natured personalities and intelligence.

Boxers are a very popular breed in the UK. In Q2 2022, 780 Boxers have been registered with the UK Kennel Club. Last year, in 2021, the numbers of registrations were immense which can be linked to Covid.

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