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Eco-friendly plastic free pet products

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All The Topics On How To Reduce Your Pets Carbon Paw Print


Why We Blog

We don't believe that offering eco friendly pet products is quite enough to save the planet.

Not even by a far stretch. But we believe in education and innovation and taking as many pets and pet parents with us on the journey. We want to blog about the newest trends in the sourcing world that can reduce the carbon paw print, the best natural dog products to keep your pet healthy and of course all the little tips and tricks to improve the communication between pet and owner. So please read on!    

Hoomans [hoo-muhns]

Meaning of the word "hoomans"
Noun / Informal / Humorous / Internet-slang

Hooman or Hoomans is a made up internet word referring to humans who own a cat or a dog. It is often used in memes spoken from the view point of a cat or a dog. Hooman's Friend refers to all animals in the world. They see humans as their friends in the first place. In return, we should see them as our friends, protect them and the environment so the whole planet can thrive.

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